Photographer. Photo Retoucher. Developer. Explorer.


My photographic journey began at the Albany Bulb, an overgrown landfill that juts into the San Francisco Bay. What was once a dumping ground for industrial debris now flourishes with the intersection of concrete, brush, and the ever-changing sculptures and murals created from them by unnamed artists.   I would sit in the battered chair in front of a picture frame suspended in the air and surrounded by coiled wires and rebar that perfectly framed the Golden Gate Bridge. The splendor that emerged from the clash of nature and urbanization, destruction and beauty, captivated me and it was there that I began to form my view of the world and love for photography.

 I attended the University of Redlands where, through the Johnston Center for Integrative studies, I designed a unique emphasis and in 2011 received a B.A. in Photography, Writing, and the Human Experience with departmental honors in studio art. I have traveled to Haiti, Morocco, France, and Mexico and hope to explore even more of the world with camera in hand. As a freelance photographer, I am currently focused on music photography for local print and national online publications. I transitioned into a career as a web developer, but my love for photography remains and I plan to continue.